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The price of recently introduced TLD's are dependant on the name as domain which are having generic keywords are sold at much higher prices by the registrar. Please check the correct prices at before placing the order. Prices at are correct as there you connect directly to the registrar/registry. Incase we find any domain for which you have paid and the actual price of registering the same is more than what is mentioned on, we will simply decline your order and refund the money back without assigning any reason.

  • * With new TLD's, the domains which have generic keywords are sold at very high prices by the registrar and the same can vary from $3 to $55000. [You can convert USD to INR at current rates to calculate the correct prices.]
  • * We book domains with new tld's through as we are their Platinum Reseller. You can check the prices of the new domains with new TLD's there too.